Look What Our Customers Are Saying.

"I just needed to drop you a quick note of thanks. I hope this email finds its way to you. Often I am guilty of forgetting to say thanks - today I wanted to change that. I wanted to thank you for all your work on our lease.

"As you were quite aware, we were facing some major financial challenges with our lease and the space we occupied. Looking back now, I can't believe what a dramatic mistake it would have been not to contact FitForms as my wife suggested. Not only did we receive so much valuable information, encouragement and vision, as a result of contacting you, we have just received a new lease offer from our current landlord that will save us $32,220.00 over the next three years. This is totally due to what we learned from you.
I could go on, and on, but that's not the purpose of the email. Just know that I am one very, very, thankful fitness center owner. 
"Thank you again."

Tom and Tina Tomasselli
Denver, Colorado

 "Your documents and forms are like gold to me! I was over my head, thought I knew it all, didn't know where to start, and was a complete mess. I've used all of the information I purchased in your documents and forms section (approximately 7 items), and they have helped me beyond belief with my new fitness center. Thanks so much."

Jon Silver
Maui, Hawaii

"As a former staff member of a major health club chain, I decided that I wanted to open my own fitness center. I secured the money to open the new location from my parents and started the planning process. Before long, I found out I was way in over my head and needed help fast. The problems were many: I had no lease negotiation experience, no established systems or strategies, and I didn't even know how to design a membership agreement.

"Upon searching the Internet, I came across the FitForms.com web site. After reading through their solutions library and their documents and forms section, I realized that I had found the help that I desperately needed. I currently use their documents and forms, and their offsite consultation service and can't speak highly enough about their employee manuals, tour guidelines, performance reviews, marketing programs, and other items that I needed for my new fitness center.

"My fitness center is now open, systems are in place, and the staff is completely trained with everything running smoothly.

"Thank you so much."

Barbara Miron
Redwood City, California

"For all of the St. George Parish Community I thank you for your work concerning the Land Use Agreement with the City of Lauderhill, Florida.
"You have provided valuable pro-bono consultation and guidance to this project. Further, it was most helpful to have you come from the west coast for face to face negotiations with the city lawyer.
"I look forward to your future help as this project progresses.
"You have received no goods or services in return for your service."

Rev. Robert F. Tywoniak

"I was just starting a new business, found a great location and was ready to sign a lease, but I felt that something wasn't just right. I had this knot in my stomach and couldn't force myself to sign the lease that was presented to me. Then I heard about FitForms almost by accident, through another person, so with nothing to lose - and not expecting a miracle cure, I decided to contact them.

"One of their consultants met with me for almost 2 hours. He really showed a genuine interest in my business plan and my goals. As a result he started looking for a better location, and he found one. The location was much better than the one I found, and the demographics were perfect. He went right to work on the lease negotiations and asked for things that I would never dream possible.

"After several meetings with the landlord, he was able to secure a lease that made sense to me, which included many of the things that we requested. I signed the new lease without hesitation, and without the knot in my stomach. Boy, was I ever relieved that he did the whole thing for us, while allowing us to focus on marketing, grand opening, and staffing.

"With a three-year lease in our possession, and with a savings of about $24,000 from what I was ready to sign back in the beginning, I couldn't be happier.

"At renewal time, I will be calling them again!"

Tom and Toni Howell
Minden, Nevada

"Our opportunities working with FitForms have consistently been a wonderfully professional experience - both in the knowledge that FitForms has about the fitness industry, to the simplified documents and forms they offer. We have now been in business for over 5 years and have never come across a company like yours. So many of the people you meet today, claiming to be experts in the fitness industry, are just fitness guys trying to be business guys. But you guys are the real thing."


Mr. & Mrs. Moholland
Vacaville, California

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help during our recent sale of our fitness center. FitForms really made the process a breeze. We were all under the pressure of a tight close date and your team did not miss a single item on the checklist. I really felt like I was in good hands during the entire process. It was obvious that you had done this many times over and this was not your first time going through the process! I really appreciate everything you did."


Mr. Alfred Lee
Asian Strategy Investments

"After being in the club business for about 11 years, each year it seemed like it was more difficult to make a healthy profit. After hearing about FitForms at a trade show I decided to give them a call and tried their $99 Performance Analysis Evaluation. I was surprised at the findings and couldn't believe I was operating the way I was. They pointed out that I was doing the same old thing the past 11 years, and that the fitness industry and marketing approaches had changed, but I didn't. After I decided to take advantage of their off site consulting program, I'm pleased to report that in 6 short months I was able to make some critical changes in staffing, training and marketing that resulted in $27,000 of additional revenue. When I've got questions or I'm in need a document or form, they're just a call or a click away. It's been a great, but humbling experience. I'm proud to say that I still subscribe to their consulting services today. It's invaluable.

"Thanks for being there."

Ron Magnaghi
Walnut Creek, CA

"Having owned two clubs for two years . . . I was in trouble. My finances were a mess. There were problems with bookkeeping, ineffective marketing campaigns, high staff turnover, low morale, and I was $68,000 behind in account payables with landlords knocking at my door. You think I had stress and this wasn't taking a toll on my home life? Think again. I was considering shutting down the whole operation and filing for bankruptcy, but heard from my brother-in-law about a company called FitForms. I contacted their team of consultants and quickly got them involved in solving critical issues. Time was not on my side, but they quickly put together an effective turn around plan for me and helped me execute it. In less than three months I started to breathe again. In six months I saw the clubs really turn around, and in nine months it was full steam ahead. It is sure nice to be in the black, making a profit. Their on site consulting, training, and coaching did the trick. I am sure glad that I contacted FitForms, I would not be in business today without them.

"Yours for better health."

Barbara Clowe
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"Thank you! I certainly could not ask for more. I feel you went above and beyond expectations to ensure that not only was my problem solved, but that I understood the root cause. Your calm, matter-of-fact presentation saved the day for me and my staff! I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you expended."

Patrick Alamino
Springfield, Massachusetts

"After being in business for 6 years we decided to sell . Spending 70+ hours a week and losing money almost every month was not the formula for a happy marriage. We tried to sell the club ourselves, and then tried using a business broker, but nothing was working and we were quickly running out of money in our savings. We were desperate, and time was not on our side. We called FitForms. Their team of consultants took over. Although we were not able to find a buyer, they found a club that I could merge with, thus transferring my members to the club just 2.5 miles away. FitForms made the whole thing happen quickly. Then I faced another "sticky" problem, the landlord. I had signed a 5-year lease with a personal guarantee, which meant that after the merger I would still be responsible for $90,000. Ouch!
The FitForms Team came back with a creative plan that allowed me to walk away by paying only $17,000 over time, saving me over $70,000."

"Don't know how you did, but you did it. Today I sleep much better and my life is without stress, and my marriage is stronger than ever."

Linda Finnegan
Incline Village, NV

"I owned our two clubs for seven years, had lots of fun in managing and owning the clubs. As an entrepreneur at heart, I came up with a new high tech concept that I wanted to pursue. As with most things, timing is everything in business, and two things (time and money) were stopping me from making my new venture a reality.
"I heard about FitForms.com from a friend that has her own club, and she suggested that I give them a call. I reluctantly called them, expecting very little, but was pleasantly surprised after I talked to one of their consultants for several minutes. He understood my sense of urgency and agreed to develop a marketing program to sell my club quickly.
"Within eight short weeks I was signing the closing papers at the escrow office. And “yes” I did make enough money from the sale of my clubs to start my new venture after all.
"You made it happen just like you said you would.

"Thanks again."
Robert Sandhu
Silicon Valley (San Jose), California

"We have been in the fitness Industry for the last 21 years, it was a fun ride, and things have surely changed during all of those years. At the end of 21 years we owned and operated four clubs, all of them relatively successful. My wife was nudging me to retire, and it seemed like a good idea, so we decided to sell. Traveling and spending time with our kids and grand kids sounded like a great idea. The question was 'How do we sell the clubs?'

"I contacted a couple of business brokers, and they really didn't understand the service industry. They wanted to advertise in the local newspaper, and I told them this was the wrong approach.

"We wanted to sell as soon as possible and at the same time maximizing our selling price, after all this was our retirement money. One of my club owner friends mentioned FitForms, and the fact that he was using their documents, forms and consulting services reminder him that they also provide services for club owners that want to sell. So with nothing to loose, I contacted them. Within three days we were able to get together face to face with one of their consultants. He really listened, toured all of our clubs, went over the financials, as a result he came back with a "selling strategy." Within three short months they were able to find potential buyers for all four clubs.
"We have never met such a professional team; they were always there to assist or provide answers.
"We would highly recommend using their services." 
Bob Bonds
Portland, Oregon

"You know when the business you own and operate is not the 'right' business for you. After owning my first fitness center for approximately two years I knew it wasn't the right business for me, so I decided to sell it.

"My brother in law was interested in buying it, and I knew that I would have to be very careful because he was family. We spent weeks and weeks hashing over the terms, pricing and the conditions, but could never agree. Having used FitForms in the past to purchase a few documents and forms, but never using their consulting services, I decided to give them a call to see if they could help out.
"They met with the two of us to find out the sticking points, and then proceeded to meet with us individually. After learning each of our positions, they we able to structure a deal that we could both live with. It only took several meetings to go from a deadlock position to signing papers. Each one of us felt that we had won, thus keeping our families together, and friendship intact.
"Thank you."

Jim Ainsworth
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