Leasing Strategies

If you're going to try to negotiate or renegotiate your own lease, be prepared and start the process months ahead of time.

For new businesses or locations,
we strongly recommend that you start the site selection process at least six months in advance. Two months for site selection and negotiations, one month to finalize the formal lease agreement, two months for the store build-out, and one month as a cushion to deal with the unexpected.
For lease renewals, we recommend that you start at least 12 months in advance. If you can’t negotiate a good deal on a renewal in the first few months, you can still exercise your option to renew or start the relocation process.

If going through this process makes you uncomfortable, that’s where FitForms comes in. We are experts at what we do and have been working with landlords across the country for over 30 years. We have developed several successful strategies and techniques that can save money on your lease as well as reduce your personal exposure. We have the incentive to make sure you succeed. If we don’t save you money, we will refund your payment in full with no questions asked. And in case you’re wondering, during our 30 years of helping fitness centers, this has never happened.

After we help you negotiate favorable terms with your lease, we always recommend that you consult with your attorney to ensure the document is correct. We are not lawyers, nor do we provide legal advice. Much of the work we do for fitness center owners is consulting and coaching, and by taking advantage of our years of experience you will be assured to come out on top with many more concessions than you could ever have imagined.

Important Points to Remember:

1. In all cases, the landlords have the advantage; they have the preprinted leases, the buildings, and the best lawyers.
2. Match the lease to your business’s needs. If location is important, you’ll want a longer lease - or a shorter one with options to renew.
3. Understand who pays what - such as utilities, repairs, insurance, and even taxes. You may want to pay slightly higher rent for eliminating costs for some of these items.
4. Be aware that your negotiating power is stronger in a market where lots of commercial space is available.
5. A lease is a legal document and you should completely understand it before signing it.
6. Most attorneys you hire are not trained to negotiate your lease on your behalf, nor are there any real incentives for them to do so. They are excellent at ensuring that the document is legal, but that’s about it.

To read about other fitness center owners we have assisted, visit our Case Studies page.

We are available for private consultation and encourage you to give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss your situation, with no obligation on your part. If we feel that we can be of assistance to you, we will provide you with specific recommendations, including objectives, time frames, and costs.

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