Case Studies
The Case Studies listed on this page are presented in a Problem, Solution, and Result format and are real life experiences of small to mid-sized fitness center managers and owners. As you review the stories, do more than read the words – read between the lines. Ask yourself if any of these situations sound familiar? Are there times when you needed help or assistance and didn’t know where to turn? If so, do what so many other people have done and turn to FitForms.com today.


PROBLEM: A fitness center  owner was barely breaking even and was becoming increasingly frustrated with the operation. Although the fitness center had been in business for 15 years, it was operating with few established systems or strategies. The company wanted to operate efficiently and effectively, but didn’t know how to go about it.

SOLUTION: The fitness center contacted FitForms.com. They used our Documents and Forms to acquire employee manuals, injury reports, compliance reports, performance reviews, marketing programs, and more. Upon obtaining the needed information, they implemented our systems and changed the way they operated. They even started an on-going training program for the staff, requiring every staff member to be trained and tested with the same material.

RESULT: After using our systems for only six months, the fitness center saw its sales revenues increase by over $6,000 per month, and their staff is more motivated than ever.


  A fitness center had several problems with its landlord related to repair and maintenance issues. The landlord allowed water leaks and other maintenance problems to occur and then failed to repair them in a timely manner. Poor communication with the landlord led to extended problems, causing loss of business and reputation within the community.

SOLUTION: FitForms.com was called in. After analyzing the problem, we decided on a two-step approach. First, we helped the fitness center write a letter to the landlord, using certain strategies and phrases that we have found to be effective. Secondly,  we followed up with several phone calls and were able to get a meeting set up with the fitness center owner, the management company, and the landlord.

RESULT: The landlord began addressing the problems within one week of the meeting, fixing the leaks and providing a new paint job in the damaged areas. The fitness center owner received three months free rent as compensation for inconvenience and losses. Six months later, the fitness center decided to open a second location. We spent two months negotiating the new lease terms and got the new landlord to agree to pay for most of the tenant improvements. Using our strategies, we were able to save the fitness center owner $24,000 per year on the new lease, and we were able to secure approximately $85,000 towards the tenant improvements on the new location. As an added bonus, we were also successful in having all personal guarantees removed from the lease.


A former staff member of a major health club chain decided that she wanted to open her own fitness center. She secured the money to open the new location from her parents and started the planning process. Before long, the new fitness center owner found out she was in over her head and needed help fast. There were several challenges:  no lease negotiation experience, no established systems or strategies, and no idea how to design the new club's membership agreement.

After many visits to our web site and reading through our Solutions Library, the new fitness center owner realized that she had found the help she needed. She currently uses our Documents and Forms  and has acquired employee manuals, injury reports, compliance reports, performance reviews, marketing programs, and other needed information to run her new fitness center.

RESULT: The fitness center is now open, systems are in place, and the staff is trained.


PROBLEM:  A club had been successful for the last eight years, but things were changing fast after a new, more modern facility opened a mile and a half away. In three short months, revenues dropped by 25% as people headed to the new location.

The owner contacted FitForms for assistance. Our team of consultants put together an aggressive marketing strategy, followed by a comprehensive staff training program, which we provided on site. A new commission schedule was created and all of the sales staff were given daily quota assignments along with other responsibilities. Management and staff had been immobilized, watching business fall off; now they acted to create success.

RESULT: Sales, service, and cleanliness became the focus. The club did a complete turn around within three months. Not only did they enroll new members, they got the pleasure of welcoming back many of the members who had left.


A woman new to the fitness industry was starting a club, had found a great location, and was ready to sign a lease, but felt that something just wasn't right. She had a knot in her stomach and couldn't force herself to sign the lease. She heard about FitForms almost by accident, through another person in the fitness industry, so with nothing to lose - and not expecting any miracles - she gave us a call.

SOLUTIONS: One of our lease negotiation experts met with her for almost two hours. He reviewed her business plan and goals. Keeping her objectives in mind, he was able to find a better location with more promising demographics. He went right to work on the lease negotiations and asked for terms that the new owner had been unaware were even negotiable.

RESULT: After several meetings with the landlord, our expert secured a lease that included many of the terms requested. The new owner signed the lease without hesitation or anxiety. Our expert handled the lease, allowing her to focus on marketing, staffing, and her grand opening.


After being in business for six years, these owners decided to sell. Spending over 70 hours a week and losing money almost every month was not the formula for a happy marriage. They tried to sell the club themselves and then tried using a business broker, but nothing was working and they were quickly running out of their savings. They were desperate, and time was not on their side.

SOLUTION: They called FitForms. The FitForms team took over and found a club to merge with, allowing the closing club to transfer members to the other  club just two miles away. FitForms then  managed another challenge, the lease. The owners had signed a five-year lease with a personal guarantee, which meant that after the merger they would still be responsible for $90,000.

RESULT: The FitForms Team came back with a creative plan that allowed the owners to walk away paying only $17,000 over time, saving over $70,000.

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